Willem Engelbrecht – Evox
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Willem's Fuel To Victory

Our Brand Ambassador’s Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan

I try to gym at least 6 times per week. I also include mountain biking as part of my cardio routine.
I am an avid knife collector and I have just over 80 knives in my collection. My favourite knife is a Victorinox. I am an outdoor fanatic – I enjoy bow hunting, river rafting, abseiling, amongst others outdoor activities
The completion of 3 consecutive Sani2C mountain bike stage races. I was never really in to bike riding, but three years ago, the bug bit me, and I have been hooked ever since.
“I’m looking at the big picture. An active, healthy lifestyle makes for a happier, healthier life. What is more important than that? I don’t look at exercise as a punishment or a chore - it’s an essential part of my every day, that always helps me to feel my best I think people focus too much on how food and fitness make them look on the outside, and this can cause a lot of unhappiness and pain. When you are able to focus on how great healthy eating and regular workouts make you feel, all of the pieces start to fall into place” – Mary Helen Bowers
EVOX Alpha Pre-surge Extreme Pre-workout. It really gives me the boost I need to train.

Completion of 3 consecutive Sani2C mountain bike stage races.