Niki Schoeman

Quick Facts

What do you do?
I’m a full-time working hospital pharmacist, with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Pharmacy. I’m currently busy with an online diploma in Personal training, to use in conjunction with my Pharmacy - & Master’s degree to fully support individuals who wish to change over to a healthy lifestyle. I aspire to inspire others through evidence-based education and my own lifestyle, by promoting the importance of health, wellness and fitness.
About Me
I’m a health and fitness enthusiast and have always had a hearty passion for living an active balanced lifestyle, and teaching others. I believe that the journey towards living a healthy lifestyle should be done according to a holistic, evidence-based approach.
What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
For me, health and fitness is a never ending journey that involves striving to live a lifestyle that encourages the healthy functioning of our bodies, physically, mentally and health wise. I believe that health and fitness should be centered around aiming to live a sustainable and maintainable lifestyle and that evidence-based and holistic approaches should be used to achieve this.

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