Mickael Davis

Quick Facts

What type of training do you do?
Conditioning, balancing, focus and strength.
What is your philosophy on health and fitness?
It should be the most important aspect in everyone’s life. It’s not only about improving fitness levels, gaining muscle size, definition and strength. It’s about enhancing your quality of life and longevity through the basic practice of exercise.
Fun Fact
My favourite cheat meal is pizza and fries.
  • Arnolds Africa – Men’s Physique: Top 4 in the Men’s Physique category at Arnolds Africa 2018
  • PCA Pro AM – Men’s Physique: 1st in the Men’s Physique category in the 2019 PCA Pro AM.
  • IBFF Pro Athlete Men's Physique winner 2020.
  • IBFF Pro Athlete Men's Physique

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